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Species, Breeds and Types of Turtles.

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All Turtle & Tortoise Breeds and Species


Loggerhead turtle

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Green turtle

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Leatherback Turtle

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Hawksbill Turtle

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African spurred tortoise

African spurred tortoise


Aldabra Tortoise

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Leopard Tortoise

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Russian Tortoise

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How Long Can  Turtles Live

Their life can extend to approximately 150 years in captivity, in case of a good diet, proper health and cleaning care.

While a wild turtle can get to live approximately between 70 and 80 years.

Some species can live up to 100 years.


When You Decide to Have a Turtle as a Pet

The kids love all the pets and many times that they choose to have at home are the famous turtles.

Although these pets are very easy to take care of so that they live well and happy.

Since there are different species and each one must receive a different diet, it is necessary to know what breed of turtle it is.

Although , The environment is not the same for all turtles.

It is necessary to take the turtle to the veterinarian who will tell them what species it is and who will check it to make sure that it does not have any diseases.

Now, you must buy or do at home an aquarium, which will be the place where the turtle will live.

It can be a cage or a box or terrarium if it is a land turtle, and the size of its habitat should be according to his size.

In any case, the more spacious your house is, the better, so the pet can move more comfortably.

On the surface of your house you have to put sand and some stones in the bottom. if it is a water.

you can add small sticks and other objects that are on the market in order to decorate your site.

In the case of being a water turtle, his house can be of plastic and can be left floating in a pool.

It is important to note, cleaning his place every week as well as to check with the veterinarian once a year is essential.


Whats a Terrestrial Turtle

The turtles are reptiles have a dorsal carapace formed by perfectly structured and compact plates that is attached (lower part of the shell) through a lateral gangway.

It is impossible to separate a turtle from its shell, since the ribs are attached to the latter.

The terrestrial turtle is a mainly herbivorous animal.

Your diet should be as varied as possible, maintaining a proportion of 90% vegetables and 10% fruit.

Calcium and phosphorus are very important elements in the diet of the terrestrial turtle.

Since their carapace is composed of them and they need them to keep it strong and healthy.

The proportion between both elements must be taken into account: foods with more calcium than phosphorus (dried figs, spinach, broccoli leaves, dandelion, chard, parsley) are more suitable.

However, This does not mean that you can not eat other vegetables (tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers or courgettes) and fruits (apples, melons).

It is best to offer a complete diet that includes all these foods.

They can also eat foods in the form of pellets, or insects such as mosquito larvae.

Also, They should eat several times a day in small portions because they have a very slow metabolism.

It is important that food and water are at room temperature.

The vegetables must be clean and free of herbicides or pesticides. The best thing is to serve them chopped and mixed.


Sea turtles

Within turtles there are many species for example, sea turtles feed on jellyfish and underwater sponges, carnivorous sea turtles with a bit to grind eat crustaceans crabs and herbivorous sea turtles only eat algae especially on coral reefs.

Sea turtles can live more than 100 years. The oldest recorded age of a turtle was 250 years, in India.

Scientists are still unsure of the age of some turtles. especially endemic species such as the Galapagos tortoise, which have lived for years in isolation.