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Turtles vs Tortoise – What is the Difference

Turtles vs Tortoise – Many People are often confused between which one is which and what are the differences, we’ll clear this out!

Alot of people ask what is the difference between turtles vs tortoise, we’ll present the main differences and the minor ones.

Tortoises and turtles are very similar but and yet fall under different classification families.

The main difference is that tortoises are land creatures, while turtles live under the water most of the time.

This is the contrary of what most people think, there is a wrong assumption that there are turtles and sea turtles.

Due to this  major difference, Each specie has developed different characteristics and appearance.

African spurred tortoise
African Spurred Tortoise
Leatherback turtle
Leatherback Turtle


Turtles vs Tortoise – The History

In the Triassic, 260 million years ago, the turtle’s ancestor, the Captorhinus made his first appeared, was the first reptile to possess a shell that covered its thorax, organs, and that also covered its ribs.

This made it possible for some animals, such as the turtles, to develop a shell of bone.

Differences in terms of longevity

There is a great difference between the ages that a turtle can live according to its species.

The land turtles, for example, are the longest living to live more than 100 years.

In fact, the turtle that has lived the longest in history was a crashed tortoise from Madagascar that reached 188 years.

On the contrary, water turtles usually live between 15 and 20 years.

Case apart are the freshwater turtles, which can live up to 30 years if they receive good care.


Adaptation of the legs to the environment

The legs of the turtles is one of the most important elements when determining if you are facing a water turtle or before a land turtle.

Taking into account that sea turtles remain constantly inside the water it is logical that their legs are formed by a series of membranes that allow them to swim.

These membranes, called interdigital membranes because they are between the toes of the legs, are easy to detect with the naked eye.


In the case of land turtles do not have these membranes but their legs are tube-shaped and their fingers are more developed.

Another interesting difference is that sea turtles have long fingernails and pointed fingernails while those of land are shorter and atrophied.


The character –  Turtles vs Tortoise

The character depends a lot on the habitat in which they develop and if they are domestic or not

In this case, water turtles tend to have a very calm character even though their interaction if they are in captivity is very low.

However, the temperament of land tortoises is stronger and that is to live in freedom and have to protect their young is what makes them more irascible and always on the defensive.

An example of extreme aggressiveness can be seen in the tortoise aligator, a turtle that adapts wonderfully to live on land and in water.


Feeding and Nutrition

Both species are very similar when it comes to their eating habits. Theoretically, you can feed them with the exact same menu.

However, In reality, each of them lives in different environment thus finding different type of food.


Differences in the carapace

In the case of the carapace, the most important difference is that while the water turtle has a very smooth shell that helps it move through the water, the land turtle has a carapace full of wrinkles and a very irregular shape.

The last type of shell is very characteristic. for example, of the Leopard land turtle.

Leopard Tortoise
Leopard Tortoise



Top 5 Reasons I like turtles:

There are many reason for why i like turtles, but here are 5 facts that will make you feel the same:


1. Turtles can smell odors through their throat

Unlike humans who perceive smells through our nose, turtles can perform this function through their throats.

Although it seems strange is how they detect the smell, mainly the food they will consume.


2. The shell of the turtle has sensitivity

Many think that the shell of the turtles is for the exclusive use of their protection, and that they do dont feel anything because they are generally hard.

But the truth is that through the shell they also perceive the contact, perhaps to a lesser extent.

But if one day you try to touch a turtle in the form of a caress or by passing a brush when you clean them, you will notice that it reacts to the touch, and they even like it.


3. His sexual maturity is determined by size and not age

This one is definitely one of my favorite reasons that i like turtles. We know that turtles can live for many years, even exceed a century of life.

Therefore it is also thought that being a species that lives longer than others their sexual activity is prolonged and that this aspect will mature after a few years.

However, something that several are unaware that what determines this aspect is its size.

A turtle that has reached a large size, is suitable to start having an active sex life, while when they are smaller are not yet fully prepared.


4. Turtles are the longest living known species

Another thing you did not know about turtles is that they are the longest living animals known to date, even many of them are capable of overcoming the 100-year barrier.

The oldest turtle registered until today came to be more than 180 years old, but it is even said that some have lived up to 250 years, nothing more and nothing less than a quarter of a millennium.


5. The clarity of its shell determines its temperature

There are many species of turtles, and among them some are marine and others of land.

For example, In the water we can find the ones that are green.

The species that are in the depths have the darkest skin and therefore their body temperature is lower.

On the other hand, land turtles are usually yellow or brown, and their body temperature is higher.



Turtles are wonderful creatures, while I like turtles because of many reasons, those are my favorites fun facts that most people don’t know.




What do turtles eat? – Ultimate guide for feeding your Turtle

We already have different articles talking about turtles and what do turtles eat but at this article we would extend the information about what turtles eat


What do turtles eat – Land turtles \ Tortoise ?

the main problem or mistake that people make when it comes to feeding land turtles or any other type of reptile is giving the food that usually comes in the cans that are bought in stores.

These dried prawns are ideal for the health of our turtle, but a prolonged feeding with these boats would cause deficiencies in the vitamins,  proteins and other nutrients in our turtles alimentation.

As we discussed on our page of land turtles (tortoise), these reptiles are omnivores, meaning that they can eat as much vegetables or plants.

Surely many of you have been able to observe in pet stores how lettuce was given to baby turtles, this is a good food for our pet, but we must not forget that we have to complement it with other products such as:  carrot, small pieces of corn and tomato, spinach or cauliflower.

Trying avoid citrus fruits and those that contain too much vitamin D.

Meat must be given to our turtle. Since it has an important contribution of protein. we must emphasize that this can be done in two ways:

we can give small pieces of raw minced meat that they will bite and break with their nails. Or on the contrary we can also provide them with small insects like larvae, worms, snails and any other of this family.

Finally, as a general contribution to all types of turtles, whether terrestrial, marine, river or water, we recommend that you always have clean water and that the food you give them should be cleaned before being offered.


What do river turtles eat?

Without a doubt the most common turtles around the world. You will recognize them by the characteristic orange spots that you have on the side of your head.

Regarding The food, we must bear in mind that there are many similarities with the land turtles, which we have already mentioned previously.

We have previously pointed out that there are many supplements and food packaged in boats that can be purchased at pet stores.

However, there is a big difference between land turtles (tortoise) and turtles.

The difference is that the land turtles are protected and all those that we acquire will come from farms or hatcheries. while sea turtles may have been captured.

The difference between a captive water turtle and a sea turtle that has been captured in the wild is that the latter may not eat the food offered to them from the boats since they are used to eat the food they have captured by themselves naturally.

For this reason you must follow the following indications that we will give below:

• Feed it with all kinds of vegetables, as we have mentioned in the section on land turtles, and always taking into account not giving them too many citrus-rich foods.

• you must also give a great contribution of fish since it is the main food they are accustomed to eat. It is not necessary that you spend the money to buy fish from the stores for your turtle, it will simply be enough to give them a piece of raw fish that you buy for yourself.

Bearing in mind that it is not a very salty fish, since this could affect your pet health


What sea turtles eat?

There is not a big difference at this time about water turtles and sea turtles.

They can be fed practically with the same foods that we mentioned for the previous section.

However, we will add that sea turtles in their natural habitat are also used to eating from time to time: jellyfish and sea sponges. as well as different types of algae that can only be found in the marine world.