Top 5 Reasons I like turtles:

There are many reason for why i like turtles, but here are 5 facts that will make you feel the same:


1. Turtles can smell odors through their throat

Unlike humans who perceive smells through our nose, turtles can perform this function through their throats.

Although it seems strange is how they detect the smell, mainly the food they will consume.


2. The shell of the turtle has sensitivity

Many think that the shell of the turtles is for the exclusive use of their protection, and that they do dont feel anything because they are generally hard.

But the truth is that through the shell they also perceive the contact, perhaps to a lesser extent.

But if one day you try to touch a turtle in the form of a caress or by passing a brush when you clean them, you will notice that it reacts to the touch, and they even like it.


3. His sexual maturity is determined by size and not age

This one is definitely one of my favorite reasons that i like turtles. We know that turtles can live for many years, even exceed a century of life.

Therefore it is also thought that being a species that lives longer than others their sexual activity is prolonged and that this aspect will mature after a few years.

However, something that several are unaware that what determines this aspect is its size.

A turtle that has reached a large size, is suitable to start having an active sex life, while when they are smaller are not yet fully prepared.


4. Turtles are the longest living known species

Another thing you did not know about turtles is that they are the longest living animals known to date, even many of them are capable of overcoming the 100-year barrier.

The oldest turtle registered until today came to be more than 180 years old, but it is even said that some have lived up to 250 years, nothing more and nothing less than a quarter of a millennium.


5. The clarity of its shell determines its temperature

There are many species of turtles, and among them some are marine and others of land.

For example, In the water we can find the ones that are green.

The species that are in the depths have the darkest skin and therefore their body temperature is lower.

On the other hand, land turtles are usually yellow or brown, and their body temperature is higher.



Turtles are wonderful creatures, while I like turtles because of many reasons, those are my favorites fun facts that most people don’t know.




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