Leopard Tortoise

Leopard Tortoise

Leopard Tortoise Information

The care that the leopard tortoise will need will be based on the feeding, the home and the environmental conditions.

Take note of each of the following tips:

Although this reptile does not express as much as a dog or cat can do, you have a pet with you that you must take care of.

It is extremely sad that with the passage of time, the evolution of humanity and due to its modest nature we have removed part of its natural terrain.

To this day, this species is protected by human beings, which has considerably reduced its population.



These animals feed only on plants when they live in freedom.

The tender herbs and juicy vegetables that you find on your way will be your diet as well as the fruits dropped to the ground.

In general, they like to eat any type of vegetable therefore, we must feed them with a product that has a high percentage of vegetable fiber.

If you want to give a more natural diet, you can buy broccoli, endive and canon leaves and supplement them with hay and alfalfa.

Do not give the lettuce because they do not complete the nutritional needs of the turtle.

If you realize, the amount of food that we are preparing the turtle is equal or as voluminous as the animal itself. but to eat only vegetables we will need to give much more than we can give to an animal that eats meat.


When we take home a leopard turtle is the size of a bar of soap or even smaller but this animal grows very quickly.

Your terrarium will have to be part of your own house therefore, we must take this aspect into account when purchasing a tank for it.

If you have a large terrace or a garden, you can place the terrarium in one of these rooms in the hot months since our friend will enjoy the warm temperatures and the rays of the sun.

When choosing a terrarium choose an elongated one instead of a vertical one because our new friend will want to take walks inside her house.

The health and well-being of your turtle will improve if you allow it to take walks in the sun.

If you put the terrarium in the interior you can get a special light that helps you fix the calcium needed to have a strong shell and bone structure.

Ask your trusted store or professional that you know about these lamps.

Do not forget

your bowl of water and food – although you are used to semi-desert climates you will need to drink water from time to time.

If you do not want to move the terrarium towards the patio, garden or terrace – another good option for the days of good weather is to take you out of a tour of these areas of the house.

Let her move the paws on your floor and enjoy the sun’s rays, but do not neglect their movements at any time. although it may take a long time from one place to another.

it is possible to take a good scare if suddenly not we find it, if it has been cast in an area inaccessible to us, if it has eaten something that it should not or if it has cut a hole to escape from your premises.



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