Loggerhead turtle

Loggerhead turtle

Loggerhead Turtle Information



They can measure about 90 centimeters long and weigh about 140 kilograms.

Its skin is usually yellowish brown and its carapace is rather reddish.

The males differ from the females because they have a thicker tail, They have large jaws that serve them for the purpose of feeding.

When they are young they suffer a lot from their predators, a situation that reverts when they grow up, since their size and hard shell limit them.

In captivity its activity oscillates between swimming and resting, which makes it stay still with open or semi-open eyes.

having a rather slow reaction when it is in this state and even more so when it sleeps.

It is a species that is in danger of extinction.



They are omnivorous animals that feed on a variety of invertebrates that are found in the marine ceiling, such as:

gastropods, bivalves, decapods, sponges, corals, pennatula, polychaete worms, sea anemones, cephalopods, barnacles, brachiopods, isopods, insects, bryozoans, sea urchins, Clypeasteroida, sea cucumbers, starfish, fish (eggs, juveniles and adults), newborn turtles (including members of their own species), algae, and vascular plants. During its migration through the open sea, it feeds on jellyfish, floating mollusks, floating eggs, squid and flying fish.



The loggerhead turtle is found in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, as well as in the Mediterranean.

being in this way the sea turtle with a wider geographical distribution of all sea turtles.

On the other hand, he spends most of his life in marine and estuarine habitats, so much so that even the female only briefly goes up to the beach to feed or to dig holes where she lays her eggs.



They reach sexual maturity close to 37 years.

however, these turtles have a fairly low reproduction rate since the female can lay 3 or 4 eggs.

After laying eggs, there will be a period in which they do not lay eggs for about two or three years.


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